LPG Conversions Melbourne – Converting Your Car To Gas

Cars are one of the most used modes of road transport. They come in various sizes, shapes and models, and can be customised to suit the user’s requirement. The car’s engine is one of the most important components in the car, as this generated the necessary power for the car to move. Most car engines use fossil fuels such as petrol or diesel as their source of energy. However, these fuels pollute the environment significantly. Modern technology has been able to reduce this polluting effect, but not to the extent of using them without concern. Moreover, these fossil fuel reserves are being exhausted due to excessive use. This, in turn, causes the fuel prices to go skyrocketing. However, a viable solution to this is LPG conversion. This can significantly reduce the harmful effects of fossil fuels. Many car mechanics perform LPG tank installations; however, Melbourne Auto Gas is the most popular car mechanic in Melbourne who provides comprehensive LPG auto services.

LPG Conversions Melbourne

Melbourne Auto Gas provides a full suite of automotive services for European, Japanese, Australian, and American cars and four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicles at budget-friendly prices. The services that they provide include Minor and major mechanical repairs, brake & clutch repairs, steering & suspension repairs, tyre repairs & replacement, performance upgrade, car restoration, logbook servicing, and roadworthy certificate. They are experts in LPG fuel systems and provide a wide array of services for it.

Benefits of using LPG fuel system:

LPG fuel systems are better for the environment as they undergo complete combustion, without reducing the overall performance of the vehicle. Some of the advantages of using LPG are:

  • Environment Friendly: LPG fuel systems produce much less carbon monoxide and thus are much safer for the environment than conventional fossil fuels.
  • Reduced Costs: LPG fuels are 50% lesser in cost in comparison to petrol and diesel.
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs: Due to complete combustion, there are lesser deposits of remnant fuel and thus the engine oil and spark plugs need less frequent changing.
  • Easy Availability: Nowadays, LPG is easily available all over Australia in comparison to the past.
  • Cold Starting: In comparison to diesel cars, LPG cars require less time to warm up, thus eliminating the risk of engine damage sue to cold starting.

Car Mechanic Huntingdale is experts in LPG car service, LPG tank testing and LPG conversions, where each LPG fuel installation is done according to Huntingdale’s regulations and tested by a 3MPa hydraulic-test. Their services are not limited to:

  • LPG fuel tank installation
  • LPG repairs & tune-ups
  • LPG fuel tank testing
  • LPG conversions

In addition to specialising in LPG conversions, Melbourne Auto Gas also provides car repair services. They are experts in 4 wheel drive vehicles and even provide performance upgrades. If you are looking to switch to LPG, yet do not want to leave your diesel car driving experience, the experts in Melbourne Auto Gas have a solution to that by providing a switching option where you can choose which fuel system to use.

If you are looking for car repair experts to install LPG fuel system, Melbourne Auto Gas in Huntingdale is the ones to go to. Their team of experts can ensure that your car’s quality is maintained while making it environment friendly and cost-effective. They can be contacted via phone on 0401 628 845 and [email protected] via email.

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